داستان بانکت

The stories of many brands start with a “need”! A need that has not been met by other producers in the market. The story of Banquet started off a bit differently than other food producers.

Not sure if it was at an office in the middle of Tehran or at a gym. Maybe on Tajrish-Rahahan BRT line.

When she felt out of energy, she took out a plastic bag from her bag to take out a couple of dates!

Looked around with an unsure feeling if her hands were clean or not. Searched out for the largest piece of date, took it out with difficulty put it in her mouth. 

AND that uncomfortable feeling of stickiness!!!

She had to either lick off her fingers as usual or search for a napkin in her bag full of stuff!

It was the time that the idea of Banquet food popped up in her mind!